Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Southeast Regional Exchange!

Yay!  On February 4-th we had our first meeting to discuss the HIE for our region.  
These were the institutions attending the first meeting:

IVHIN - Knoxville
MidSouth eHealth Alliance - Memphis
Office of e-Health - State of TN
Southern Adventist University
Tennessee Hospital Association

The name adopted (for now) was Southeast Regional Exchange.  
We split in several workgroups (clinical, leadership, privacy & security and technical) and each adopted their own charter.  The charge for everyone is to determine whether we should form our own HIE or join an existing one.  This decision will be taken by the middle of April.

The technical workgroup, of which I am a part of, has the mission of coming up with the technical requirements for an HIE in our region and judge whether two of the existing Tennessee HIE can serve our needs.  The work has already started.  

This is definitely an exciting beginning for a faster coordination of care in the Chattanooga region.

The architecture of Tennessee's state HIE

Things are starting to move along with the building of the Tennessee HIE.  As part of my engagement with HIP-TN (Tennessee HIE) I continue to participate in the  meetings of the Technical Workgroup.  I have displayed a few diagrams showing the general architecture of the processes of querying for patients, documents and retrieval of documents.

Tennessee HIE architecture

Patient Discovery

Query for Documents

Document Retrieval